About Us

Our engineering principles have lean, mission driven methodologies at its root, ensuring the capabilities that we build perfectly fit mission needs.

Company History

Synbiosys was founded in 2017 by three postgraduate alumni from Imperial College London, with a recognition that the traditional Defence & Security players have been slow to incorporate modern day entrepreneurial speed and agility to solving critical mission challenges. This held especially true in materials science.


From this Synbiosys introduced the radical new concept of using thermodynamics to generate a new family of materials for armour, giving huge improvements on weight, cost and protection.


Leveraging our fundamental materials science knowledge, we expanded on our capabilities beyond developing fundamental materials and working solely in Defence & Security. We range from developing cutting-edge hardware solutions using conventional materials, to building advanced machine learning material models for non-linear applications in all branches of materials science and engineering.


We are a tight-knit and immensely talented team of scientists and engineers that have experience in taking technologies from lab-scale proof of concepts all the way to commercialisation. We incorporate triple-helix expertise in industry, government and academia, and cumulatively incorporate decades of experience in working and collaborating with small industry, large industry and government departments of various NATO and non-NATO member countries.


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Dr. Jose Videira


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Nikita Greenidge


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Dr. Gareth Tear


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Sam Goss


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Dr. James Bird


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Advisory Board

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Prof. Deeph Chana

co-Director: Institute for Security Science & Technology, Imperial College London

ex-Head Research Analysis & Development, UK DfT

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Dr. Brad Pietras

Technology Strategy Director, Rolls-Royce

ex-VP Technology & Director Advanced Research & Development, Lockheed Martin

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Dr. John Hassard

Founder, QA-UK

Founding Associate Director, Institute for Security Science & Technology, Imperial COllege London

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