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What we do

Thermodynamic Armour

A new generation of composite materials using a completely new physical mechanism to absorb energy from ballistic impacts. This proprietary technology allows for step-change performance versus current cutting-edge ballistic armour.

Rapidly deployable foldable structures

Synbiosys is overcoming the challenges of designing efficient foldable structures through the development of an Integrated Design Environment (IDE), which includes origami pattern libraries and automated generative design algorithms. 

Non-lethal tank stopping

Synbiosys is pioneering a new approach, to stopping tracked heavy armoured vehicles without risking civilian lives.


We can help you

Accelerating R&D

by providing access to world-leading scientific and engineering talent.

De-risking investments

by performing technology due diligence, and small-scale testing and modelling.

Developing bespoke solutions

whether through modelling, design or testing


The Team

Dr. Jose Videira


PhD in Solid State Physics.

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Dr James Bird


PhD in Aerospace Engineering

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Dr. Gareth Tear


PhD in Shock Physics

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August 2019

Imperial College's Institute for Security Science and Technology (ISST) writes about Synbiosys' tank stopping solution as part of an innovation project called Stop the Tank, funded by the MoD’s Defence and Security Accelerator known as DASA.

Synbiosys moves into Central Working

August 2019

Synbiosys has relocated to Central Working White City, within Imperial College's Translation and Innovation Hub - An exciting space which also houses innovators such as Airbus Defence & Space, Saab Innovation Hub and Smiths Detection.

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The Times

July 2019

The Times  writes about Synbiosys' rapidly deployable, foldable  structures designed with Synbiosys' Foldsafe technology

August 2019

ISST writes about Synbiosys Tank Stopper

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Delivered on DASA funded projects

June 2019

Synbiosys successfully delivers three  Defence and  Security Accelerator-funded Phase 1 projects simultaneously :

Open Call -  Thermodynamic Armour

"Take Cover!" themed call - Foldsafe engineering design

"Stop it in its Tracks" themed call - Non lethal anti-tank device


The Secret Story of Stuff: Materials of the Modern Age 

October 2018

Synbiosys demonstrated its thermodynamic armour technology on BBC4

Learning with Lowell

June 2018

Synbiosys discusses building a materials innovation startup


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