Engineering Innovation

Our engineering principles have lean, mission driven methodologies at their root, ensuring the capabilities that we build perfectly fit mission needs.

Non-lethal Tank Stopping

Stop a tank, risk no lives. With the help of the Defence & Security Accelerator we stop tracked heavy armoured vehicles without risking civilian lives.


Partnering with Autonomous Devices Ltd, we are developing a scalable, modular and autonomous device to counter hostile drone threats.

Origami Inspired Foldable Structures

Rapidly deployable, modular, scalable structures to be used in scenarios where robust barriers or temporary structures may need to be rapidly erected.

Non-lethal Tank Stopping

According to the Landmine and Cluster Munition Monitor Report in 2018, 7,239 people were reported as killed or severely injured globally by anti-vehicle landmines, 87% of which were civilians. More than 120,000 casualties have been included in the Landmine Monitor database in the period 1999–2017.


By replacing conventional explosive landmines with a carefully designed, vehicle specific, non-lethal alternative; Synbiosys aims to provide the same strategic military benefits as a conventional landmine whilst also posing no risk to civilian lives both during and long after conflict has ceased.


This new device, named ‘NOLED’ (NOn-Lethal Entanglement Device), aims to provide a drop-in solution to existing technologies that is as simple, effective and intuitive to use in both an arid desert or a built up city. NOLED is being developed alongside the Defence and Security Accelerator (DASA) as part of the United Kingdom and NATO’s commitment to the Ottawa treaty - reducing both civilian and military personnel casualties from explosive mines.



Synbiosys has partnered with Autonomous Devices Ltd. to develop a device to counter hostile drone threats as part with the help of the Defence and Security Accelerator (DASA). 


Synbiosys’ part of the solution will provide the counter Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) system with the ability to stop a drone’s propellers and carry the drone back to base. Our solution is a modular and scalable counter-drone ballistic net, designed to be scalable to any size and retrofittable onto any aerial drone. With the rising security risks posed by Unmanned Air Systems, this counter-UAV system aims to tackle malicious or accidental use of drones at events, and public establishments; including prisons and major airports.​

Drone with Camera

Origami Foldable Structures

Origami that works. Our compact, rapidly deployable, modular and scalable structures will be useful in scenarios where robust barriers or temporary structures may need to be rapidly erected on unprepared surfaces. Applications include disaster relief scenarios for the creation of temporary shelter or infrastructure and the protection of crowded places against terrorism or civil unrest situations such as riots.


Origami folding patterns and folding algorithms for 2D surfaces are now mathematically well-defined in the scientific literature. However, translating these folding patterns into realistic, manufacturable and affordable 3D structures formed by plates or rods with finite thickness, and hinges with multiple degrees of freedom, still poses significant engineering challenges.


Synbiosys is has overcome these challenges through the development of a foldable structure Integrated Design Environment (IDE), including automated generative design algorithms. This design framework is fully integrated into commercial CAD environments like Catia, Fusion360 and Solidworks.