Cutting edge materials science without the 20 year lead time to commercialisation. We accelerate the time between first discovery and utilisation in the field.



A paradigm shift in protective materials, simultaneously slashing weight and thickness and improving resistance to advanced threats

Thermodynamic Armour

A paradigm shift in protection - Witness a new generation of thermodynamic armour materials.

AI enhanced Finite Element Modelling

Order of magnitude quicker feedback loops between non-linear material models and real life validation

Biocompatible Film

Transparent, tough, biocompatible and scalable bio-polymer films.

Non-lethal Tank Stopping

Stop a tank, risk no lives. With the help of the Defence & Security Accelerator we stop tracked heavy armoured vehicles without risking civilian lives.


Partnering with Autonomous Devices Ltd, we are developing a scalable, modular and autonomous device to defeat hostile drone threats.

Origami Foldable Structures

Rapidly deployable, modular, scalable structures to be used in scenarios where robust barriers or temporary structures may need to be rapidly erected.

Engineering Innovation

Rapidly developed, elegantly designed, robust engineering

  • Non-lethal tank stopping

  • Modular counter-drone solution

  • Rapidly deployable protective structures