Synbiosys is creating the next generation of armour.

We aim to generate a family of materials with an entirely new physical mechanism to absorb energy from ballistic impacts. This proprietary technology, Syntech, allows for step-change performance versus current cutting-edge ballistic armour.


The super-fast energy absorption mechanism means Syntech can be effective against projectiles as fast as 7 km/s and is not affected by the projectile hardness and shape. This means better protection against armour piercing rounds, blunt-edged projectiles and shrapnel from IEDs.


  • armoured vehicles, both civilian and military

  • physical security from sensitive buildings (banks, embassies, airports)

Our first application is in bullet resistant windows. We aim to provide 50% reduction in thickness and weight without the extra cost, whilst simultaneously increasing multi-hit capability.



Synbiosys is developing innovative origami-inspired foldable structures. Our compact, rapidly deployable, modular and scalable structures will be useful in scenarios where robust barriers or temporary structures may need to be rapidly erected on unprepared surfaces. Applications include disaster relief scenarios for the creation of temporary shelter or infrastructure and the protection of crowded places against terrorism or civil unrest situations such as riots.


Origami folding patterns and folding algorithms for 2D surfaces are now mathematically well-defined in the scientific literature. However, translating these folding patterns into realistic, manufacturable and affordable 3D structures formed by plates or rods with finite thickness, and hinges with multiple degrees of freedom, still poses significant engineering challenges.


Synbiosys is overcoming these challenges through the development of a foldable structure Integrated Design Environment (IDE), including automated generative design algorithms. This design framework is fully integrated into commercial CAD environments like Catia, Fusion360 and Solidworks.



Synbiosys is pioneering a new approach, with the help of the Defence and Security Accelerator, to stopping tracked heavy armoured vehicles which will be non-lethal to people.

Our approach will:

- Aid NATO countries in deploying novel anti-tank measures whilst abiding by the Ottawa Treaty.

- Offer a new discreet solution to both police and private security to stopping heavy vehicles

Replacing conventional explosive landmines with our solution will drastically reduce the risk of civilian injuries and death both during conflict and long after it has ended.



Synbiosys has developed a proprietary process to produce transparent bio-polymer films at large scale and low cost. These high-strength, high-toughness films are optically transparent, biodegradable and biocompatible.



  • Biomaterials: could replace petrochemical-based polymers in many single-use consumer products 

  • Medicine: has the potential to be an effective wound dressing and skin graft for regenerative medicine

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